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Kraiburg is Europe's leading manufacturer of rubber flooring systems for animal and industrial use.

Livestock Equestrian Industrial

Kraiburg is Europe’s leading manufacturer of rubber flooring systems for animal housing including dairy, beef and pig.

Combining the best in animal welfare standards with optimal cost effectiveness.

Proven results in reducing lameness and injury, improving claw health, minimising bedding and labour costs, boosting milk yields in dairy cows and promoting weight gain in fattening animals.

Top quality Belmondo rubber flooring for looseboxes, walkways, horsewalkers, horseboxes and wet areas including equine spas that will not break up, rot or compress over time.

Dust-free, soft, warm and comfortable for your horse, reducing the risk of slipping and injury

Huge savings on labour, time and bedding costs for you 

Kraiburg Ergolastec Industrial Rubber Mats - The ergonomic solution for more health, safety, comfort and productivity in the workplace

Anti-fatigue, slip-resistant, insulating, sound and impact absorbing, protective, durable

Available in a range of specific properties